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Trail-Blaze Your Health

Juci is a fresh pressed juice company that uses slow, cold pressed techniques for quality taste and production. Juci has been in business since 2019, and was founded by three lovely ladies from the great city of Detroit, MI. Domonique, Ciara , and Christina started spending Saturday afternoons brainstorming business ideas at a local coffee shop. Many ideas came for mind, but one day Ciara thought of cold pressed juice as a business and after much research and brainstorming the team birthed Juci.  

Our Founders collectively wanted to start a business that was distinctly different than the ordinary ideas, while simultaneously providing an essential service to the community. Living a healthy lifestyle has become both popular and necessary, especially within the black community. Many health issues that normally affect older generations are more frequently appearing in younger generations. Our founders desires to be a leading example for their generation to live a healthy lifestyle, thus the creation of Juci.

Juci’s mission is to provide an opportunity for our community to trail blaze their way to a healthy lifestyle. We made great progress in the first year of operating and we are actively in process of growing the business. Juci’s current menu consists of a variety of unique juices and crafted packages that provide various benefits to meet the individual needs of our customers.

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